Paap Associates Inc.
Paap Associates Inc.

   Paap Associates (PA), is a management consulting firm assisting organizations around the world in a broad range of customer-focused, technology-based development efforts. We provide clients an integrated approach to creating the innovative environment in which to grow their businesses and position themselves for the future.

"Helping companies make better decisions regarding
the innovative use of their technical resources."

Corporate Venturing

Representative Assignments

  • Set up an internal venture/spin off  program for a Canadian energy company.
  • Establish a corporate program to work with venture capitalists to identify new diversification opportunities for a multinational pharmaceutical firm.
  • Serve as mediator between a multi-billion dollar office products firm and a $15 million dollar alliance partner to resolve conflicts over rights and priorities.
  • Identify and assess potential North American alliance opportunities for Middle East medical products firm.
  • Spin-off advanced development projects that no longer fit the strategic needs of a major North American materials firm. 
  • Conduct a workshop for planners and other executives on trends in corporate venturing and techniques for enhancing the success of corporate programs. 
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