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Paap Associates Inc.
   Paap Associates (PA), is a management consulting firm assisting organizations around the world in a broad range of customer-focused, technology-based development efforts. We provide clients an integrated approach to creating the innovative environment in which to grow their businesses and position themselves for the future.

"Helping companies make better decisions regarding
the innovative use of their technical resources."

Short articles by Jay Paap on innovation:

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Anticiapting Disruptive Innovation (Maurice Holland Award Winner) - An overview of the "Dynamics of Innovation" model outlining the three situations in which technology substitution occur. Disruptions, it is argued, occur not by technology change but by firms ignoring shifts in customer needs and other drivers. Published in 'Research Technology Management', September 2004.

** NEW ** Why landscape Maps - There are two types of roadmaps: landscape maps and route maps. Route maps are what most people think of when they hear the term roadmap. While useful in implementing decisions, the innovative part of roadmapping occurs when you build landscape maps to plan the front end of innovation.

Customer Focused Technology Planning: An Overview - Summary of planning process using cross functional teams to link technical investments to customer needs. Used as a teaching note for the two day executive program: "Product and Technology Roadmapping for Future Growth" Updated June 2016.

** NEW **Using Technology Scouting to Stimulate Innovation Origianlly written as a comapanion piece for my two day scouting workshop this artlcie provides an overview of the scouting process. Starting with the basic insight that innovation begins with information not ideas, it describes six different ways a scouting effort can help organizations become more innovative.

Summary of Speaking Engagements and Topics - A comprehensive listing of talks and workshops given by Jay over the last two decades. Useful in selecting a speaking topic for internal presentations and seminars.

Checklist for Collection at Conferences and Visits - 2011 - An overview that I use as a template to run pre-conference or visit collection planning meetings.

Collaborative Relationships: An Overview - A four step guide to managing strategic alliances and other forms of formal collaborations with external partners.

Elements of Technology Strategy - Describes the four critical elements firms should address when developing their technology strategy: identification of key technologies and supporting innovation, sourcing, and balancing strategies.

Competing With Intelligence: Organizational Issues - An overview of ten principals to consider when designing a formal competitive intelligence initiative.

Competitive Technical Intelligence - The growing importance of competitive intelligence in technology management.

Corporate Venture Capital:  An Overview - Logic and implications of increased interest in  corporate venturing.

Designing a Corporate Venturing Program - Ten points to address when forming a formal corporate program to manage external ventures.

Managing Core Incompetencies - Ways to complement core competencies through alliances and related techniques.

The Commercialization Challenge - Lessons from the Venture Capital Industry in creating new businesses and products inside large companies.

Innovating in Risk Averse Organizations - A Pure Insight Webinar - How to adapt short term thinking to more innovtive opportunities.

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