Paap Associates Inc.
Paap Associates Inc.
   Paap Associates (PA), is a management consulting firm assisting major corporations around the world in a broad range of business and technology development efforts.
   PAI provides clients an integrated approach to creating the innovative environment in which to grow their businesses and position themselves for the future.
"Helping companies make better decisions regarding the use of their technical resources."

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  • In-Company Programs and Presentations


    •    Half day to two day workshops
    •    After dinner or lunch talks
    •    Off-site facilitation of combination workshop and planning sessions
    • Representative Topics

    •    Fostering Creativity and Innovation
    •    Customer Focused Technology Planning
    •    Managing Technology as a Strategic Resource (through Cal Tech)
    •    Competitive Technical Intelligence (through Cal Tech)
    •    Managing Technical Professionals
    •    Managing Project Teams
    •    Corporate Venturing
    •    Scenario Planning
    •    Strategic Alliances
    •    Understanding Customer's Inarticulated Needs
    •    Anticipating Disruptive Technologies
    •    Technology Roadmapping - Theory and Practice

      Representative Companies

    • Abbott Diagnostics
    • Honeywell Bull
    • Novell
    • Akzo 
    • IBM
    • Neste Oy 
    • Amax
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • PPG 
    • AstraZenaca  
    • Johnson Controls
    • Procter & Gamble 
    • Becton Dickinson 
    • Kaman Aerospace
    • Quaker Oats
    • Baker-Hughes
    • Kerr-McGee
    • Qualcomm
    • BP/Amoco
    • Land O'Lakes
    • Rohm & Haas
    • Brush Wellman
    • Lawrence Livermore
    • SABIC
    • Draper Labs
    • Litton Industries
    • Sandia National Labs
    • DuPont
    • Motorola
    • Shell Oil
    • EG&G
    • Nat'l Research Council-Canada
    • Union Carbide 
    • Equistar
    • Nokia
    • U S West
    • Ford Motor Company
    • New Zealand Dairy Board
    • W.R. Grace

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    • Public Speaking Engagements

      Over the last two decades Jay has given over 150 talks to professional groups, association meetings, and other public forums throughout the world; serving as chairperson, keynote speaker, panelist, and featured presenter. His talks tend to focus on three primary topics:

      •  Innovation, Technology Management and New Product Development
      •  Open Innovation, Technology Scouting, Corporate Venturing and Strategic Alliances
      •  Competitive Intelligence

      For a complete listing of the topics and venues, refer to the downloadable file,
      Summary of Public Speaking Engagements.


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